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IMLight Co2 Surgical Laser

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Versatile / Reliable / Value

The IMLight Co2 Laser system is a brand-new 10,600nm carbon dioxide laser (CO2) laser with 40W maximum power usable for a range of procedures at great value.

Science has shown the 10,600nm wavelength is mostly absorbed by water; this makes this laser particularly suitable for soft tissue surgery.

Co2 laser surgery is well recognized to be especially minimally invasive and highly effective, proven by hundreds of scientific articles about this technology in surgery and microsurgery across various disciplines for more than 20 years.


The IMLight Co2 Laser system is designed to deliver the Co2 laser beam through a hollow waveguide (Co2 fiber).

The Co2 laser energy delivery through the hollow waveguide  allows easier delivery to the targeted tissue with versatile flexibility.

The waveguide is provided at 2m length and can be used with handpieces in a variety of lengths and shapes.  Surgeons have a broad range of options to tailor to their specific procedure.

Hollow waveguide connection

Hollow waveguide and handpiece


For over 30 years, DEKA and its business ecosystem (over 40 years) have pioneered advanced medical therapies and medical laser technologies, especially Co2 systems.

DEKA lasers are used in over 120 nations.

Consistent, familiar, standard interfaces are proven effective, responsive, and intuitive. 

Hardware, software, laser technologies are all mature, usable and reliable.

New surgical laser, reliable and widely used interface:


International Medical Lasers‘ exclusive new IMLight Surgical Laser offers tremendous value and return on investment for hospitals, facilities, clinics, and mobile medical services.

The proven reliability of 30+ years of DEKA engineering Co2 surgical laser technology, combined with incredible versatility in delivery, ensure excellent ROI. The IMLight offers incredibly precise, accurate surgery to quickly and safely complete procedures for patients.

The 40w surgical laser form is compatible with standard electricity outlets; no costly upgrades nor power conflicts in standard US electrical systems.

Indications for Use: the IMLight Co2 Laser system (with its accessories) is a medical device indicated for incision, excision, ablation, vaporization and coagulation of body soft tissues in medical specialties including aesthetic (dermatology and plastic surgery), podiatry, otolaryngology (ENT), gynaecology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, general and thoracic surgery (including open and endoscopic), dental & oral surgery, and genitourinary surgery.


Dimensions and weight

Height: 123cm
Width: 57cm
Depth: 66cm
Weight: 60kg

System specifications

Main voltage: 100-230V~ 50/60Hz
Absorbed electric power: 1200 VA (max)
Fuses: 2xT16AH 250V 6.3x32mm
Electrical protection type: I
Laser class: 4
Use/Pause (ON/OFF) Intermittent: use 1min, pause 3min
Degree of Protection Against Ingress of Water
(IP Classification according to IEC 60529): IPX0

Specifications – aiming source/Co2 laser

Wavelength: 635nm
Maximum power: (source output) 4mW
Output mode: Circular
Divergence: (source output) 0.6mrad
Diameter: (source output) 1.8mm
Laser class: (source output) 3R
Relative position with CO2 source: Coaxial

Co2 laser source emission features

Wavelength: 10.6mm
Maximum ouput laser power: 48W
Maximum power at hollow waveguide’s input: 40W
Hollow waveguide inner diameter: 500μm
Hollow waveguide outer diameter: 850μm
Hollow waveguide length: 2m
Divergence at waveguide’s output
(full angle d63-i.e., at 63% of output power): 60±10 mrad
Power stability on 1 hour: ≤20%
Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE): 1 kW/m2 @ 10600nm
Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD): 7m
Emission Controlled by: footswich

Operating characteristics

Aiming Beam –

Visible. Intensity between 1% and 100%; step: 2% between 2% and 10%, step: 10% between 10% and 100%.

Operating modes –

• CW mode: average output power can be selected from 0.5W to 40W.
• UP mode: average output power can be selected from 0.5W to 40W.
• SP mode: average output power can be selected from 0.1W to 15W; frequency 5Hz to 200Hz.
• DP mode: average output power can be selected from 0.2W to 15W; frequency from 5Hz to 200Hz.
The selectable frequencies depend on the selected power value.
• HP mode: average output power can be selected from 0.1W to 15W; frequency from 5Hz to 200Hz.

Exposure modes –

Continuous exposure mode or timed exposure mode.
The timed exposure mode allows both single exposure or repeated exposures. When timed exposure mode is selected, the exposure time can be selected between 0.01s and 0.9s.
When the repeated exposures mode is selected the “T.OFF” time can be modified from 0.1s to 5s.

Parts List / Accessories

Accessories | Part | Included or Optional

  • Interlock connector (N21901): 1
  • Footswitch E094B1 : 1  E06301 (optional)
  • System key (041400050): 2
  • Mains cable (021300052): 1
  • Door safety labels (079103321): 2
  • Operator’s Manual (See code on the cover): 1
  • CO2 laser safety glasses for physician (070100077): 2
  • Aiming beam protective eyewear (070100078): 2
  • Laser safety eyewear for patient (070100054): 1
  • CO2 laser safety glasses for physician (070100047): optional
  • Aiming beam protective eyewear (070100056) optional for 070100047
  • 16A 250V 6.3x32mm fuses (020900098): 2
  • Accessories case (070400043): 1
  • Low temperature recorder (030600866): 1
  • Antibacterial filter (050502199): 1
  • CO2 fiber pole (04364170A): 1
  • CO2 fiber rod (PRV598/120A): 1
  • CO2 fiber holder (PRV598/122A): 1
  • CO2 laser waveguide 500μm 2m ST-connector (070200246): optional
  • CO2 hollow fiber cutter (070002090): 1
  • CO2 hollow fiber stripper (070001567): 1
  • Fiber alignment tool 500 μm (070200231): optional
  • 60 mm Straight Handpiece — optional
  • 60 mm Bend Handpiece — optional
  • 130 mm Straight Handpiece — optional
  • 130 mm Bend Handpiece — optional
  • 180 mm Straight Handpiece — optional
  • 190 mm Bend Handpiece — optional
  • 190 mm Dbl Bend Handpiece — optional
  • 240 mm Straight Handpiece — optional

  • 230 mm Bend Handpiece — optional

  • 240 mm Dbl Bend Handpiece — optional

  • 290 mm Straight Handpiece — optional